Life Camera Action! (LCA)

Life-Skills & Leadership Development

Life. Camera. Action! (LCA) is a leadership and life-skills development program that uses digital video and the art of storytelling to teach LA youth (ages 12 to 17) to become successful productive citizens. Established in 2011, Life-Camera-Action operates in the Boyle Heights community of East Los Angles. Partnering with local middle and high schools, LCA is an innovative program that provides students, ages 12-17, opportunities to use technology and digital media to explore issues relative to them and their community. As they create media projects, students learn and enhance their life skills through critical-thinking and literacy skills; experience new methods of learning and doing research; improve their competence in a wide range of academic subjects; develop leadership skills; and improve their personal development and scholastic achievement.

The Art of Storytelling

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To sign up or to get more information please contact our Media Instructor, Ignacio Oliveros at:

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