Get It Straight (GIS)

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention & Intervention

Get It Straight is a 12 week delinquency prevention and intervention training program for youth ages 10 to 17. Parents are required to attend each weekly session with their child. Participants are involved in a comprehensive curriculum combining classroom instruction, personal development, conflict resolution skills, and communication exercises. In addition, field trips to juvenile detention centers are routinely scheduled to give youth a first-hand look at the inevitable consequences of criminal activity. Additionally, parents are required to attend a separate 10-week parenting skills training called the Parent Project that will support their success.

0 % LAUSD Truancy Rate
0 % higher crime rate in Boyle Heights than national average
0 Active gangs in Boyle Heights

More Info

To sign up or to get more information please contact our case managers Eymi Roa or Veronica Cardenas at:

(323) 224-0151

Coming soon.

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