Building the bond

between cops and kids.

Hollenbeck PAL



Did you know it costs $240,000 to incarcerate 1 juvenile in California?

At Hollenbeck PAL we believe in a different approach…

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What We Do

  • Heal Community Relations

    We provide safe places for children to play and learn during non-school hours while providing meaningful, structured activities that are economically accessible.

  • Build Tomorrow′s Leaders

    We provide them with positive role models, instilling in them the concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship, and true leadership.

  • End Juvenile Delinquency

    We focus on the communication between the parent and the child, including conflict resolution, personal development, and comprehensive case management.

  • Strengthen Families

    We provide parents the necessary tools to motivate children to stay in school, stay healthy, and stay safe.

More Information

Through a partnership between community and law enforcement, PAL’s mission is to nurture young people to become responsible, productive, and law abiding citizens by offering character-building, educational, sports, financial literacy, and  life-enhancing programs to low and moderate income families.

Our ultimate goal is a community without crime, where children have equal access to opportunity, and where peace officers help drive the community’s vitality.

Hollenbeck PAL was founded in 1992 through the efforts of Hollenbeck Division of the Los Angeles Police Department and community residents to implement sports activities to high-risk youths in response to the juvenile crime increase in the area. In 2003 PAL acquired its own 501(c)(3) non-profit status and is now governed by a board of directors comprised of community leaders, law enforcement personnel, and business professionals.

Area Population Statistics

Latino and mostly immigrant 94%
No high school diploma 70%
Drop out 34%
Poverty 33%
2012-2013 truancy 74%
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